Workshop with  Nipun Mehta: Building a transformative enterprise

Workshop with Nipun Mehta: Building a transformative enterprise


Workshop with Nipun Mehta: Building a transformative enterprise

Building a transformative enterprise:

How to unite technology and humanity for business

Transformative leadership in action:
From leadership to laddership


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A workshop with Nipun Mehta:
Social-Impact-Star & former advisor to President Obama

Take the opportunity to participate in this extraordinary workshop and learn from one of the most inspiring leaders of our time. Register today and shape the future of your company with Nipun Mehta!

Speaker Board
Nipun Mehta
Nipun Mehta
Social-Impact-Star & former advisor to President Obama

Workshop topics

Designing for Multiple Forms of Wealth

Explore how to foster other forms of wealth in your organization besides financial resources to increase employee engagement and productivity.

Flow: From Transaction to Relationship to Trust

Learn how to move from transactional to trusting, relationship-based interactions to create a safe and inclusive work environment.

Giver Culture: Be Selfish, Be Generous

Discover the benefits of a giver culture and how it can lead to increased productivity, trust and innovation.

Laddership: Leading with the gifts of Emergence

Learn how to lead a network of many-to-many relationships through "laddership" to amplify positive deviance and practice emergent leadership.

Practical implementation and reflection

Take the opportunity to develop concrete strategies and exchange ideas with other leaders to apply the concepts learned in your own work environment

Your tangible benefit
  • Increase employee loyalty and satisfaction through diverse forms of prosperity
  • Promote a trusting and collaborative corporate culture
  • Increase innovation and productivity through a culture of generosity
  • Develop leadership skills based on relationship building and collective intelligence
  • Practical tools and strategies for immediate application in your own company
About Nipun Mehta

Nipun Mehta is the founder of ServiceSpace, an international platform that promotes volunteering and social projects. He started his career at Sun Microsystems and then decided to use his technological skills for the common good. ServiceSpace is now a network of over 1,5 million members worldwide who are committed to altruism and selfless service. 
Nipun is a sought-after speaker and has been recognized and honored as an advisor to President Obama and the Dalai Lama. He is passionate about putting human values and generosity at the center of social and economic transformation.


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